CS Tractors and agricultural machinery

CS Tractors and agricultural machinery

One-year apprenticeship training (level 3)

Formation :

Training goals

Acquire a good general training and technical for:

  • Performs work at his place of work ETA, CUMA and operation)
  • Ensure the upkeep and maintenance of equipment
  • Participate in the management of the workshop
  • Become the controller in the operation and maintenance of agricultural equipment


"Material knowledge"

Practical work, tillage, sowing, fertilization, crop protection, harvesting, mowing, pressing, handling

"Associated technologies and maintenance"

Engine, hydraulic transmissions, metalwork-welding, electricity, electronics, automation...



Work-study program in relation to the seasons 16 weeks of training at the center

Morning theory, afternoon practice in the workshop or in the field.

An employment contract in a mechanized farm, or a CUMA or an ETA.

A diverse network of professionals

Growth sector offering many job prospect

Practice-based teaching


  • Employee of an agricultural works company, CUMA or farm ... responsible and independent in the management of its activities (driving, adjustments, maintenance, breeding work)
  • Manager of a fleet of agricultural equipment


Special features

  • Visit of an ETA and a CUMA.
  • Visit to a dealership and constructors
  • ARETAR intervention