continuing education

Continuing education at ISSAT offers for everyone a new chance to train for a profession that suits him whatever how was his previous career

At ISSAT, many training courses are



  • OHS for all audiences,
  • CAP AEPE training (Early Childhood Educational Support) CAP Training Sheet Early Childhood Educational Support

  • Preparation for entry into IFSI training,


  • Preparation for the entrance examination Nursing assistant, Nursery assistant

  • ASEM public continuing education (communication, awareness of sign language, reception of children with disabilities, well-being at work, conflict prevention and management, etc.)


  • Continuous training public nursery assistant: OHS, stress management, saying a word a sign, building a welcome booklet, rights and duties, in the exercise of his profession ...
  • Continuous training of CACES Agricole employees, (Use and maintenance of equipment in green spaces in safety, driving a towed tractor, driving a telescopic tank used in agriculture)


For any information request, contact Ms. Chantal ROUILLARD:

email :

phone : 02 99 71 11 00 or 06 61 65 75 40