CQP Driver of agricultural machinery

Certificat de Qualification Professionnelle

Highly qualified worker operator of agricultural machinery

Level 4 diploma

Post professional bac admission

Training on 1 professionalization contract

Block 1

Formation :

Training goals

Tillage: Carry out the various tillage operations by organizing the site according to the instructions and in compliance with safety and environmental protection rules.

    Mastery of harvesting techniques: Conducting different crop harvesting operations with diverse equipment.

    Equipment Operation and Routine Maintenance: Preparing equipment, operating safely, and performing routine maintenance

    Maintenance of agricultural equipment: Maintenance management Of a fleet of equipment or an installation, Carry out maintenance operations of levels 1,2,3 and follow-up of orders or services.

    Preparation and application of products: Preparation, application of products and cleaning of equipment in compliance with instructions, safety and environmental protection rules.


    Work-study program in relation to the seasons 13 weeks of training at the center.

    A work contract in CUMA or ETA.



    Interview and position test during recruitment days.

    Example of field tests: autoguiding


    Practice-based teaching


    • Highly qualified employee of a construction company Agricultural, CUMA or farm... Responsible and independent in the management of its activities (Driving, adjustments, maintenance, breeding work)
    • Manager of a fleet of agricultural equipment


    • Like mechanics (sense of observation and reflection)
    • Like drive (precision and dexterity)
    • Be open-minded and have good interpersonal skills
    • Be independent in your work

    training goals

    Acquire a good general training and technical for:

    • Carry out the work at his workplace (ETA, CUMA and operation)
    • Ensure the upkeep and maintenance of equipment
    • Participate in the management of the workshop.
    • Become independent in the operation and maintenance of agricultural equipment.



    MATIN :
    Pratique en atelier ou au champ.

    Des séquences de formation à thème avec des mises en situation concrète chaque semaine
    Exemple : semaine semis de céréales, semaine entretien de l’ensileuse/moissonneuse

    Special features

    condition de réussite :
    1 soutenance orale et rapport 1 épreuve pratique sur une machine
    1 moyenne supérieur à 12 sur les épreuves correspondant aux 5 blocs.