BTSA Agricultural Equipment Engineering

BTSA Agricultural Equipment Engineering

20 weeks per year at the training center after apprenticeship

Formation :

Training goals

To acquire skills:

Acquire a good general training and technical for:

  • Be responsible in the company
  • Be a technician or qualified employee in the agricultural equipment sector
  • Manage the operation and maintenance of agricultural equipment
  • Ensure the technical and or commercial link between a manufacturer and / or a distributor of agricultural equipment and users
  • To pursue studies


A 2-year apprenticeship contract:

27 weeks by a company

20 weeks in a training center

Work-study program: 2 weeks at the Training Center / 2 to 3 weeks in a company

Learning places

the apprenticeship masters must allow the implementation of the technical requirements of the BTS level.

Builders, concessions, construction companies, agricultural, Cumas, agricultural exploitations, ...

pratical know-how

Many educational contributions on new technologies

Interventions by professionals

Poursuite des études au lycée Issat

Licence Pro Eco-technologies et Agro-équipements

Bachelor Européen Agroécologie et Agriculture de Précision


Within a building establishment, a concessionaire, a diver’s organization or an agricultural works company:

  • Agricultural coordinator,
  • Product manager
  • Site manager
  • Mechanism advisor
  • Technician
  • After-sales manager
  • Design office technician
  • Technical and commercial inspector.

Special features

  • Land made available for crop trials and public works
  • Supply of material for study and realization of TP
  • Programming and use of the manufacturer's software
  • Professional trip abroad

Good to know!

For holders of another BTS A, possibility of acquiring additional skills by preparing this BTS in 1 year (admission after interview and study of the file)

Location in the middle of the city in a University Campus 


The BTS exam takes place:

  • in continuous control (coefficient: 18)
  • in national final exams (coefficient: 18)