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Professional Bac Laboratory

Professional baccalaureate over 3 years in initial formation

Formation :

Training goals

Acquire a general, scientific and technical culture sufficient for:

- Work as a laboratory technician

- prepare for further studies in BTS.


individual internship

20 weeks of internships in professional laboratories (5 weeks in 2nd, 7 weeks in 1st and 8 weeks in Terminale)

Collective internship

2 weeks of training course "Education in health and sustainable development" (1 week in 2nd and 1 week in final)

1000m² of laboratories serving young people

An experienced and attentive teaching team

Strong partnerships with more than 200 laboratories in the West



Interest in science, rigor, precision, autonomy, flexibility ability to work in a team and to adapt in evolving technical environment.


In chemical field, pharmacy, cosmetics, in the environment, agro-food, human and animal health.


Chemistry analysis-control technician. "Control-manufacturing bacteriologist" technician. Analytical control technician in the pharmaceutical industry

Special features

European section option "English in the laboratory"


Enseignement général : 14 h/semaine
Enseignement professionnel : 14 h/semaine
Grands domaines étudiés :

  • Organization and operation of laboratories 3h / week.
  • Analysis techniques: objectives, objects and ways: 4h / week.
  • Laboratory work: professional applications in chemistry, biochemistry, biology and microbiology: 5h / week

Autres activités : Voyages, activités sportives…
Examen 50 % en contrôle continu 50 % en examen terminal.

pursue studying

BTS ANABIOTEC (Biological analyzes and biotechnologies)

BTS in bioanalysis and control, IAA (agro-food industries).

Professional License in Industrial Risk Management in Agri-Food Industries

BACHELOR Techniques for the detection of contaminants