Professional baccalaureate Landscaping

Professional baccalaureate Landscape gardener in initial training (3 years)

Workplace training weeks

  • 7 weeks of internship in second.
  • 8 to 9 weeks of internship in premiere.
  • 7 weeks of internships in the last year

Collective internship

  • 1 week of collective internship in second.
  • 1 week of "worksite-school" in the final year
  • 1 week of collective internship in the last year: education in sexual health and sustainable development.

Training from second to final

Training goals

  • discovery of professional realities and the preparation of the professional project.
  • Learning practical skills and the use of materials.
  • Acquire skills that meet the requirements of the professional world: respect for instructions, teamwork.
  • autonomy learning
  • development of observation and field analysis capacities.



  • likes to work outside
  • Manual qualities.
  • Environmental sensitivity.
  • Sense of finish, rigor.
  • Team spirit. 
  • Autonomy and versatility.


  • Natural spaces.
  • Forests.
  • Gardens and private parks.
  • Public green spaces
  • Nurseries.


  • Graduated landscaper working in teams of maintenance and creation of private gardens. Maintenance officer of public spaces.
  • Manager of natural spaces.
  • Landscape contractor.
  • Landscape contractor.
  • Landscape architect.
  • Interior landscaper.
  • Greenkeeper (golf).

Obtaining the professional Baccalaureate diploma (level IV):

    • Continuous assessment during the last two years of training (1st and terminal).
    • Final exam composed of 5 tests:
      • 4 written tests: French, history / geography, mathematics, technical test. 
      • 1 oral test from a professional document: presentation of the site, landscaping work carried out in a professional situation

    Special features

    • Integration week in second class
    • Training and passage of CACES (tractor, telescopic tank)
    • Plant propagation of the vocational adaptation module (MAP)
    • Travel and internship in the Netherlands
    • Cultural trip to discover the gardens of France 
    • OHS training (Health and Safety at Work) 2 days
    • Certiphyto 

    Partenariats – chantiers exterieurs

    • Colleges and high schools in Redonnais
    • Municipality of Redon.
    • Municipality of St Jacut les Pins
    • Municipality of St Perreux.
    • Municipality of Bains on west


    Sites à visiter :