Professional Bac Agro-Equipment (FI)

Bac Professionnel Agro-Equipement

Professional baccalaureate over 3 years in initial formation

Formation :

Training goals

  • Acquire a good general training and technical for:
    • Obtain the required professional capacity and perform the functions of a business manager
    • allow access to jobs as a technician or qualified employee in the agricultural equipment sector
    • To pursue studies
    • Become the controller in the operation and maintenance of agricultural equipment


individual internship

Second: 4 weeks in companies using agricultural equipment (Farms, CUMA, ETA, etc.) including 3 weeks during the school period In Première and Terminale: 14 to 16 weeks in companies using agricultural equipment (Farms, CUMA, ETA, concessions, etc.)

Collective internship

INTERNSHIP abroad at the end of the first (Belgium) Professional visits (companies, specialized fairs, etc.)

A diverse network of professionals

Growth sector offering many job prospect

State-of-the-art premises


  • Employee of an agricultural works company, CUMA or farm ... responsible and independent in the management of its activities (driving, adjustments, maintenance, breeding work)
  • Manager of a fleet of agricultural equipment
  • Technical and commercial advisor (concessions, cooperatives, builders, etc.)

Obtaining the professional Baccalaureate diploma (level IV):

pursue studying

CQP Driver of agricultural machinery 

CS Tractors and agricultural machinery

BTS GDEA (Génie des équipements agricoles )

  • BAC PRO : - The Bac Pro exam takes place in the Première and Terminale classes. - Continuous control exam (coefficients: 10.5) and final exams (coefficients: 9.5)

    • Continuous assessment during the last two years of training (1st and final) including the PE test
    • Final exam composed of 5 tests:
      • 4 written tests: French, history / geography, mathematics, agricultural equipment science and techniques
      • An oral test from a written: presentation of the internship company in its environment as well as an activity in a professional situation

    Special features

    • Modules of your choice in Terminale:
      • Forage harvest card
      • MAP Automation: tractor driving aids, headland management, etc.
    • Travel and internship abroad:

      Possibility of going on an internship at the end of the Première class (June) for 4 weeks in Belgium or the Netherlands

    • Our partners (farmers, ETA, CUMA, dealers ...:)

      • Land made available for crop trials and public works
      • Supply of material for study and realization of TP