Bac Professionnel Agro-Equipement (appr)

Bac Professionnel Agro-Equipement  appr

Professional baccalaureate in 2 years in training by apprenticeship from the first

Formation :

Training goals

  • Acquire a good general training and technical for:
    • Obtain the required professional capacity and perform the function of company manager
    • Allow access to jobs as technicians or highly qualified employees in the agricultural equipment sector
    • To pursue studies
    • Become the controller in the operation and maintenance of agricultural equipment


The Formation is carried out in alternation 15 days in formation15 days in company on average during the year.

A total of 20 weeks of training per year are provided at the ISSAT Apprenticeship Training Center in REDON.

The apprenticeship contract is signed between the apprentice and his apprenticeship master for 2 years and follows the rules of the apprenticeship contract (working time, remuneration). The search for the apprenticeship master must be done early to allow the contract to start since training begins in September each year. Apprenticeship training therefore requires strong involvement of the apprentice and the support from his apprentice master.

The specificities

  • Terminal class modules:

MAP new technologies and energies

  • Our partners (farmers, ETA, CUMA, dealers ...:)

    • Land made available for crop trials and public works
    • Supply of material for study and realization of TP

practical know how

Systems analysis
of diversified operations

Pluses: Telescopic Caces,
beef, energy modules


  • Employee of an agricultural works company, CUMA or farm ... responsible and independent in the management of its activities (driving, adjustments, maintenance, breeding work)
  • Manager of a fleet of agricultural equipment
  • Technical and commercial advisor (concessions, cooperatives, builders, etc.)

Obtaining the professional Baccalaureate diploma (level IV):

  • BAC PRO : - The Bac Pro exam takes place in the Première and Terminale classes. - Continuous control exam (coefficients: 10.5) and final exams (coefficients: 9.5)
    • Continuous assessment during the last two years of training (1st and final) including the PE test
    • Final exam composed of 5 tests:
      • 4 written tests: French, history / geography, mathematics, agricultural equipment science and techniques
      • An oral test from a written: presentation of the internship company in its environment as well as an activity in a professional situation


    pursue studying

    CQP Driver of agricultural machinery

    CS Tractors and agricultural machinery

    BTS GDEA (Agricultural Equipment Engineering)