3rd Professional Discovery


1 year in initial training

Formation :


- Involve the student in his training, - Restore the taste for 'through teaching methods learned on projects. - Choose the orientation of your child. - The 4ème / 3ème of agricultural education allow the discovery of professional fields thanks to concrete activities (TP), visits and internships. -All the courses taught lead to obtaining the National Diploma of the Brevet.


individual internship

2 weeks
and every Friday of the 2nd and 3rd trimesters

Test his skills: driving tractors

Discover: beehives and honey production in high school

Learn: the basics of mechanics


Skills, autonomy, teamwork, interest in living and mechanical professions...


Choose from fields related to landscaping, agriculture, horse riding, agricultural equipment, personal service, catering, entertainment and leisure, laboratory.


Allow the student to deep his professional orientation whatever the desired field is

Practical work:

    • Landscaping
    • Mechanical
    • Metalwork
    • Agro-equipment
    • Discovery of agricultural professions (crops, breeding)
    • Horse riding
    • Personal services
    • Restoration
    • Animation
    • Laboratory

Special features

Des semaines à thèmes

    • Study trip
    • Health security
    • Sustainable development


pursue studying

Professional Bac Agro-Equipment (FI)

Professional Bachelor of Landscaping

Professional Bac Conduct and Management of Agricultural Operations

Professional Bac Laboratory

Professional baccalaureate Services to People and Territories

CAPa Agricultural Trades - Plant and Ruminant Production

CAP SAPVER (Services to Men and Sales in Rural Areas)