CAPA Landscape Gardener

CAPA Landscape Gardener

Training for two years 

Training period from September to June

Formation :

Goals :

Maintain private gardens or public spaces using hand tools and motorized machinery.Carry out work related to the planting of plants, sodding and the installation of infrastructures (irrigation system, small structures and inert installations, etc.). Ensure the maintenance of facilities and green spaces and the upkeep of the equipment used

objectifs :

The profession of landscape gardener requires execution skills in carrying out maintenance and/or creation work while respecting safety instructions and customer desire. The holder of the diploma can carry out his activity in private landscaping companies or in local authorities 

Training content

General field

  • French: Expression, communication
  • Mathematics: Mathematical knowledge
  • CAPA Landscape Gardener 
  • E.P.S: Practice of physical and sports activities
  • LV1: English 
  • UCG1 Act in daily life situations with social markers
  • UCG2 Implement actions contributing to personal development 
  • UCG3 Interact with their social environment
  • Job search techniques
  • Professional equality

Domaine professionnel

  • Scientific and technical bases
  • knowledge of the environment and the plant
  • Professional techniques and practices
  • Acquisition of techniques
  • Supervised practice
  • Plant recognition
  • Equipments
  • UCG1: Carry out landscaping maintenance work
  • UCG2: Carry out landscaping work
  • UCG3: Perform work related to the routine maintenance of materials and equipment
  • MIP Professional initiative module: Company and professional life: situating yourself as a skilled worker

necessary condition and recrutement

necessary condition

Be between 16 and 29 years old for an apprenticeship contract (15 years old if 3rd class validated)

Directly after 3rd class 

Sign an apprenticeship contract with a company or community 


test Placement test in general subjects 

Study of the application file by cover letter and professional project

Individual interview

Continuing Studies

  • Professional Certificate in Landscaping
  • Vocational Baccalaureate Landscaping 
  • BPA Landscaping works in 1 year